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Compare Prices on Parcel Delivery

There are many services to deliver parcels from Door to Door in Japan.
This web page provides a way of comparison on Japanese Domestic Shipping Services.

Comparison Subjects [ reverse ]
Takkyubin/Yamato Trans.
Pelicanbin/Nippon Express
Sagawa Express/Sagawa Express
Kangaroobin/Seino Trans.
Fukutsu Takuhaibin/Fukuyama Trans.
Parcel1/Fukuyama Trans.
Kogumano Takuhaibin/Meitetsu Trans.
Booklet parcels/JAPANPOST
Chilled Yu-pack/JAPANPOST
Cool Takkyubin/Yamato
Cool Pelicanbi/Nippon
Hikyaku Cool Express/Sagawa
Kangaroo Chilledbin/Seino
Fukutsu Cool Takuhaibin/Fukuyama

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Brands and Price List URLs
JAPANPOST: Teikeigai(Nonstandard-sized), Sassikodutumi(Booklet parcels), EXPACK500[J], Yahoo!Yu-pack[J], Yu-pack, Chilled Yu-pack(Parcels for those with a hearing disability)
Yamato Transport: Takkyubin[J], Cool Takkyubin[J]
Nippon Express: Pelicanbin[J], Cool Pelicanbin[J]
Sagawa Express: Sagawa Express[J], Hikyaku Cool Express[J]
Seino Transportation: Kangaroobin[J], Kangaroo Chilledbin[J]
Fukuyama Transporting: Fukutsu Ttakuhaibin[J], Fukutsu Cool Takuhaibin[J], Parcel1[J]
Meitetsu Transport[J]: Kogumano Takuhaibin[J, no price list]

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